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E. Rachael Hardcastle (Rachael) is an Amazon international #1 bestselling author from the UK, and the founder of Curious Cat Books, offering professional author services. Curious Cat Books is Rachael's independent publishing imprint.


As a speculative fiction author, Rachael believes in entertaining readers by offering a temporary escape from reality. She aspires to write fun, addictive adventures with characters readers can relate to, but also needs to write meaningful and emotive stories alongside them to explore the depths of what it is to be human—in doing so, she can encourage people to look within. Rachael feels through writing we face our darkest fears, explore infinite new worlds, and realise our true purpose. Creative writing helps her to understand what that purpose is. ​


Since starting her self-publishing experience in 2010, Rachael has worked with many individuals to help make their dreams reality. She's also visited schools, community centres, young persons groups, local businesses, book shops, and more to share her advice and experience, and to inspire others to write and journal their way to a memoir, poem, or story. 


You can read Rachael's mission statement here or to buy her a virtual coffee to show your support. You can also donate to support Rachael's writing via Paypal. Rachael massively appreciates all your support, whether you're leaving a book review, downloading a free book, buying her a virtual coffee or simply following her on social media. 


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