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There are lots of different talks I can deliver, but my most popular topics are listed below for your convenience.

  • My experiences, processes, and about any/all of my published books. I am happy to offer an open and honest account of how I got started and the real-life struggles of the publishing world (but also why I love it so much!). This talk will inspire and encourage new writers, or invite those who are a bit curious about the writing and publishing industry overall to dip their toe in. I'll cover a little about what led me to creative writing, the ideas that drove my bestsellers, why I started my company Curious Cat Books, and a few of my other similar interests that help me long-term.

  • The biggest mistakes new authors make and how to avoid them. If you're new to self-publishing (perhaps writing is a hobby, but you dream it will become much more?), please let me give you a heads-up when it comes to what not to do in the beginning. I made so many mistakes that delayed my dream of seeing my ideas come to life, so I'd like to give you plenty of tips and tools to kickstart your author career. This talk would be perfect for those who are currently writing or have already written a book but haven't done anything with it yet.

  • How to use lots of free and easy-to-use technology to write, perfect, and design your book from start to finish... then publish it yourself! This talk is ideal for anyone who wants a quick and interesting overview of the stages involved in 'self-publishing', which is publishing a book without a big publishing house to help you. I'll explain my processes and how to stick to your budget, but I'll also go through my 'Six Read Rule' to help you polish and perfect your first draft. There is so much out there you can access for free to ease the pressure and frustration of trying to make your book look incredible. Let's go through them together.

"Thank you again for delivering an enjoyable and informative talk."


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