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There are lots of different workshops I can deliver, but my most popular ones are listed below for your convenience.


  • The benefits of keeping a personal journal, and the various methods and types of journaling out there. Journaling is great for your mental health, and can also help you develop your career as an author. This type of talk is ideal for anyone exploring writing as a hobby, or who would like to learn about the benefits of being creative in this way. You do not need to be artistic or have neat handwriting, and you don't need any special or fancy items - a notebook and a pen work perfectly. I'll give you an overview of how to use a travel journal, a bullet journal, a success/progress journal, and more, and explain how each one will kickstart your journey as an author.

  • How to generate interesting and addictive story ideas, and turn them into a full-length novel, novella, short story, or even a memoir. For an adult audience, I'll show you how to look within to tell the most profound and emotive stories based on your thoughts, feelings, experiences, fears, and more. It's ideal for social groups who would like to be more involved, as it's an interactive experience. My workshops will never force you to read anything you write aloud. You might want to prepare for this type of workshop by bringing your laptop or your favourite notebook and pen.​ For a younger audience, I'll bring along my story cubes and other games to show you how ideas can come from anywhere! I can also deliver any/all of my school activities during these sessions.

Workshop Activities/Options:

- Fantasy Map Design (perfect for fantasy and sci-fi fans)

- Group Story Generation (includes the use of story cubes and other games)

- Character Creation

- Monster/Species Creation (perfect for horror, sci-fi and fantasy fans!)

... and more!

"Rachael attended 107th Thackley Guides over two weeks to help the girls attain their creative writing badge. Rachael used her creative style to make the evening interesting and informative, and engaging the girls to the point that some of the guides took their work home to complete. All guides that attended attained their Creative Writing Badge and we invited Rachael back to the unit to see them presented. We wouldn't hesitate in asking Rachael back to unit at any time."


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