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Rachael has been writing and publishing independently since 2010, and after falling in love with the craft (but seeing how expensive and difficult publishing could get) she decided to train as a copy-editor and started her company, Curious Cat Books, to help authors just like her to avoid making the same mistakes she did. Rachael now has over 15 years experience in the industry, and is excited to share her top tips with your organisation; she offers a variety of talks and workshops, perfect to inspire and educate groups of any size.

Rachael will bring everything along with her, and will talk in-depth about your chosen topic, leaving time for a Q&A at the end. She will also then stay to offer signed copies of her books at a discounted price. 


Rachael's starting fee is £59.00 for up to 2 hours. She is happy to tailor her visit to suit your needs. For longer workshops, please contact Rachael for a quote, as she will need more information to be able to advise you.

For writers considering their options, Rachael recommends checking out her self-publishing guide (HERE) — she will happily explain and guide you through any of the subjects inside during one of her talks, if this is ideal. Rachael's advice is no-nonsense, honest, and based on her years of experience. She has worked with authors all over the world to write, edit, format, and design their books, before guiding them to see it on the shelves. She can offer free tools to: find the perfect book cover image; edit and proofread the text; lay out the interior; build an author website/blog. 

In the past, Rachael has worked with: primary and secondary schools, Girl Guiding, Shopping Centres, WHSmith, Waterstones, Independent Bookshops, Harrogate Library, Wrose Library, children's art groups, small local businesses, authors and illustrators all over the world, Bradford Markets (Bradford, Shipley, Keighley), charities, and more...


Rachael's Story - book Rachael to talk about her experiences, processes, and talk about any/all of her published books. She is happy to offer an open and honest account of how she got started, and the real-life struggles of the indie world (but also why she loves it so much!).

Getting Started - learn the biggest mistakes new authors make and how to avoid them. If you're new to the industry (perhaps writing is a hobby, but you dream it will become much more), Rachael can give you the heads-up when it comes to what not to do. She'll also give you plenty of tips and tools to kickstart your author career.

Creative Writing Ideas - learn how to generate interesting and addictive story ideas, and how to turn them into a full-length novel, novella, short story or even a memoir! This option is more of a workshop than a talk or presentation, so you might want to prepare and bring your laptop or your favourite notebook and pen.

Self-Publishing Crash Course - Rachael will show you how to use print-on-demand (and plenty of free) technology to write, edit and design your book... then publish it yourself! 

Journaling Basics - discover the benefits of keeping a personal journal, and the various methods and types of journaling out there. Why is journaling good for your mental health, and how can it also help you develop your career as an author?


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Rachael is unable to respond to cold-calling e-mails and will delete unsolicited/spam e-mails offering digital services. Thank you.


Thank you for contacting Rachael. Her current response time is 48-hours.

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