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Bluetooth & the World Wide Web is David Hardcastle's debut novel. He co-wrote this book with his daughter, E. Rachael Hardcastle. It is illustrated with one character's portrait per chapter, and comes signed by both David and Rachel.




'Thunderbirds' meets 'James Bond' for kids.


This book is perfect for middle-grade readers (9-12 y/o aprx). It includes plenty of humour for both children and adults, and is ideal for bedtimes, and small enough to fit in school and handbags for on-the-go. 




Genre: Insects / Novellas / Technology / Friendship / Bullying / Internet Safety / Middle-Grade


Simon Ranchilla is being bullied by the grasshoppers in his class; he's the only insect in his school with a blue fang.


But when their connection to the World Wide Web is attacked by WASP, Simon suddenly discovers his fang has an amazing ability.


With the help of his dentist, a mechanic, and a grumpy old flea, Simon and his friends set off on a mission to save their community!


SKU: 364215376135199

    • Publisher: ‎ Curious Cat Books; Illustrated edition (28 Jun. 2019)
    • Illustrations:  This book is illustrated in full colour.
    • Paperback: ‎ 154 pages
    • ISBN-10 ‏: ‎ 1999968832
    • ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1999968830
    • Dimensions: ‎ 10.8 x 0.89 x 17.78 cm
    • Published under 'E. Rachael Hardcastle'

    As all books are signed and personalised by the author, E. Rachael Hardcastle is unable to accept returns or exchanges.


    Shipping is currently only available to UK-based addresses.

    Royal Mail 2nd Class Tracked


    Paul Reeves of Impact Radio USA:

    "Using such characters and terms as "Mrs. Longlegs", "Web Attack Special Patrol (WASP)", "Claire Spinn", "Bluetooth", and many others, E. Rachael Hardcastle, and her father, David Hardcastle, have captured written the perfect book for children -and adults, too!- as they tackle the concept of bullying in a non-threatening, but highly educational manner, in their newest release, "Bluetooth & The World Wide Web"! Using humor to address a most serious topic, Emma and David entertain and elicit laughter, while also driving home the point of one of the toughest topics in our schools and neighborhoods today. Emma and Dave perfectly captured the various nuances of bullying, the emotions and consequences of being a victim, and even the avenues toward a solution. Pick up "Bluetooth & The World Wide Web" today and laugh, cry, and learn more about the concept of bullying, and how it can be defeated!"

    Malcolm Clarke, Durham Ct. Cllr, UK:

    "The authors cover a lot of ground in this look at computers and technology issues set in an insect world. E. Rachael Hardcastle's proven ability to take wide-ranging, serious issues and re-package them in a thought-provoking way is evident throughout as you learn about networks, communication, fake news, cyber-bullying, hacking and even racism in a story spun around the original masters of a web; the spider. The co-authors subtly satirise the many pointless divisions and prejudices we encounter in the digital and non-digital world every day and aside from the deeper themes, the plot is rich and the metaphors are vibrant and clever."

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